Our activity is always growing thanks to our dynamism and our will to always find the best quality for a food adapted to the needs of our dogs. Sensitive and attentive to the impacts of epigenetics, we go further than many industrialists and want to impose our vision of a healthier and more environmentally friendly world.

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Since forever, Olivier Schimpf has been active in the sports field. His ambition and his desire to achieve a certain excellence pushed him to the highest level. An injury will end a promising handball career.

He decides to take a dog, his first Siberian Husky, to keep a physical activity. Very quickly, he takes a second dog and all his free time is devoted to dog sport as a breeder and musher.

Breeder by passion, he acquires with his dogs a worldwide reputation and obtains incredible results in a short time. More than 200 titles of beauty champions at the international level, several titles of World Champion, European Champion were won by his dogs and dogs from his breeding. In 2008, it is the famous American reference magazine “Siberian USA” which dedicates it “International Breeder of the Year”.

At the same time he practices a physical activity in accordance with the needs of the breed and goes on several expeditions with his sled dogs.

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He quickly realizes that as athletes, his dogs have needs like any top human sportsman. But he does not find the quality of food on the French or European market. He is convinced that the quality of the ingredients and a composition rich in animal proteins from different types of meat are paramount parameters to maintain the good health of his dogs.

In 1995, he decided to start producing food by looking for quality suppliers and developing foods that meet the nutritional needs of his dogs.

The activity in the petfood therefore begins first as a secondary activity: the first foods are sold during the year 1997, mainly to breeders and some individuals. Soon, the success of his brand forced him to devote himself entirely to this activity to develop products and marketing in Europe and outside Europe.

A breeder will never have made his mark, the world of Siberian Husky and the pet food market, by distinguishing himself with high quality foods rich in meat and keeping a philosophy far from the sole pursuit of financial profits.


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