We develop high and very high quality food since 1995.

The production of Oasis Shadrin Group pet food has been certified with the IFS – International Food Standard, one of the most important and most widely
recognized certificates in the food-processing industry. Our company is one of the few belonging to this branch, to use renewable sources of energy.

Our products are shipped all over Europe and the world.


The highest quality food
for dogs and cats
Food without cereals
of very high quality,
high meat content
A whole range of Ultra Premium feeds
for dogs and cats

A philosophy far removed from the search for financial profits

Breeder by passion, Olivier Schimpf acquires with his dogs a worldwide reputation and obtains more than 200 titles of champions of beauty at the international level, several titles of Champion of the World, Champion of Europe.

He quickly realizes that his dogs have specific needs, but he does not find the quality of food on the French or European market. He decides to start producing food by developing foods that meet the nutritional needs of his dogs.

A tribute to the Siberian Husky

Olivier Schimpf’s first dog was a Siberian Husky, a breed that has always fascinated him. Very quickly, he takes a second dog and all his free time is devoted to dog sport as a breeder and musher.

In 2008, it is the famous American reference magazine “Siberian USA” which devotes it “International Breeder of the Year”.